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liureasxc Oct 13

You can have a great time meeting other locals who share the same passion as this area is also shared with rollerblades and BMX bikers.  If you have a question of what to do in Putrajaya, then skateboarding would be an option.  Things to do in putrajaya  here you can have experienced skateboarders, for skateboarding and numerous bowls, dips, rails and ramps available. They will appreciate the smooth concrete surface specially designed for use at the Skate Park. You’re going to be thrown off balance a few times, if you’re new to skateboarding.   Try to go a little faster and use new techniques.

What to bring?

Your own skateboard, rollerblades or BMX bike. If you choose not to bring your own Bike rentals are also available on site.

What are the facilities provided?

  • Cafe
  • Workshop
  • Extreme Bike Route
  • Bicycle Rental Shop
  • Pro Shop
  • Administration Office
  • Amphitheatre
  • Bicycle Washing Area
  • Emergency Room
  • Information Centre
  • Surau
  • VIP Room
  • Store
  • Toilet

Safety tips.

  • A basic first aid kit is a must as in case you get bruised.
  • Bike rental fees: RM20 for mountain bikes and RM10 for BMX bikes.
  • If you’re bringing kids along, there’s a special indoor wall climbing space.
  • Putrajaya Skate Park is located close to the Putrajaya Challenge Park in Precinct 5. There, you can find facilities for all your extreme sports needs. Other activities such as wall climbing and mountain bike trails are also available.
  • Be courteous to other skaters and children sharing the facilities.
  • When you head out to the bowls Wear light clothing and protective pads.

Insiders’ tips.

  • The Challenge Park is closed on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month but the Skate Park will remain open.

Social Services